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For years I have wanted the right photographer to capture family moments with my mom and I that would last a lifetime. However, no one seemed to be the right fit. As luck would have it, one day while scrolling through a friend photos, I saw one picture that answered all my questions, and I knew in that moment, that I had finally found my photographer. The best decision my mom and I could ever make was hiring Tajeane. He is funny, personable, passionate about his work, a good listener and extremely accommodating. When I finally reached out to Tajeane, during our first phone call we immediately connected. I felt like he understood exactly what I was looking for and my vision seemed to vibe completely with his style. Every picture from our photo shoot was more stunning than the one before. There is no doubt about it, Tajeane is an artist. He executes every step of the photography process with meticulous detail and an unwavering work ethic, but I think what sets him apart, is the work he does long after the day is over. Tajeane’s mastery of combining the artistry of photography with nature’s raw beauty, and our natural interactions with each other was awesome. We knew the image quality and composition were going to be fantastic, but we were surprised by how many images brought tears to our eyes. He is a highly skilled photographer/editor and he ensures that every single image is absolute perfection. Our pictures are phenomenal, crazy-amazing and I felt honored in engaging his services. In my view, we have a photographer and friend for life and would recommend his service to anyone who so desires.
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