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Terron & Kristina Hyde(non-registered)
Thank you soooooo much for capturing the most amazing day of our lives! The pictures faaaarrrrr exceed everything we imagined. I gave you a vague vision; you gave me MAGIC!! (...and reflections, perfect angles, and cool matte skin ;-) You guys are amazing, and super fun to work with!

Peta-Gaye & Sonia(non-registered)
For years I have wanted the right photographer to capture family moments with my mom and I that would last a lifetime. However, no one seemed to be the right fit. As luck would have it, one day while scrolling through a friend photos, I saw one picture that answered all my questions, and I knew in that moment, that I had finally found my photographer. The best decision my mom and I could ever make was hiring Tajeane. He is funny, personable, passionate about his work, a good listener and extremely accommodating. When I finally reached out to Tajeane, during our first phone call we immediately connected. I felt like he understood exactly what I was looking for and my vision seemed to vibe completely with his style. Every picture from our photo shoot was more stunning than the one before. There is no doubt about it, Tajeane is an artist. He executes every step of the photography process with meticulous detail and an unwavering work ethic, but I think what sets him apart, is the work he does long after the day is over. Tajeane’s mastery of combining the artistry of photography with nature’s raw beauty, and our natural interactions with each other was awesome. We knew the image quality and composition were going to be fantastic, but we were surprised by how many images brought tears to our eyes. He is a highly skilled photographer/editor and he ensures that every single image is absolute perfection. Our pictures are phenomenal, crazy-amazing and I felt honored in engaging his services. In my view, we have a photographer and friend for life and would recommend his service to anyone who so desires.
Mr and Mrs Beckford (Dec. 29. 2014)(non-registered)
TJ876! WAAAAaaaay Up! We are so happy we made you our team of photographers for our engagement and wedding pictures, you captured each and every moment and ensured it was special. It's not just a job for you guys but also your passion and that's evident in how the team works! Our humble appreciation for a job well done And we look forward to working with you again when the babies come.
Mr & Mrs Smith(non-registered)
We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to Team TJ876 for capturing our special moments. The engagement and wedding photos are so awesome!!!! We had real fun and really enjoyed every moment in a relaxed environment. You guys are very professional and connect very well with your clients. Special thanks to Zoey for putting me on to Taj, we couldn't have chosen anyone better to work with.
I loved looking at these photographs. I see the fun and love in them. I love the moments that were captured in the wedding and engagement photographs; cool concepts.
ronette Goodluck(non-registered)
i want to thanks to you guys again!!! ur work was super duper awesome and to make us smile is priceless. everyone is going crazy over them and I shout ur name proud and loud when they ask who did them. thanks again im forever a fan.
Thank you for doing the photo shoot with my father. You are one of the rare individuals he has allowed to take his photo (not to mention to get him to smile). We are indebted to you.
Exceptional photography by exceptional photographers.
Yes, I am proud of you. Glad you r doing what u love, are good at it, and it doesn't hurt that it pays too. Continue to do everything with excellence & dedication. Love you lots & lots.
The Clarke's(non-registered)
We thoroughly enjoyed shooting with team tj876. the professionalism is exceptional yet they give you the feeling that you've known each other for years.

the quality of work is out of this world and we will recommend tj876 to everyone without any reservations.

Continue to do what you're doing.

Trecia, Zoey and Oneil
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