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July 22, 2015  •  5 Comments

After attending a friend's wedding at Strawberry Hill Resort a few years ago, I became infatuated with the beauty and charm of the property. The layout, the foliage, the pool, and the breath taking views are only a few of the reasons why Strawberry Hills made it to my bucket list of places that I would like to photograph the moment I transitioned from being just a casual photographer.

When Terri, Horace and Terike contacted us about doing their photo shoot at this world renowned location, we were as excited as they were. 

I’ve always theorized that the simplest formula for a great photograph is beautiful people, in a beautiful/interesting location, having fun.

Theory proven!


Peta-Gay Johnson(non-registered)
Lovely photos! Great job taj!
Absolutely beautiful. Nice family. I too am madly in love with Strawberry Hill. I actually got engaged there:) Nice work tj876
Shelly Weston(non-registered)
Soooo much love caught in these pix! May it continue to grow and blossom, to further bear fruit!
Tamika Taylor(non-registered)
I literally got teary eyed. I see the love and I hope nothing less than consistent overflowing blessings for your Union. You guys are blessed to be a blessing, stay happy and true.

Forever kind of love CONGRATULATIONS!!
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