Dwayne & Rhona <Married>

January 29, 2015  •  23 Comments

A few months ago Rhona contacted us regarding our wedding photography. A call that normally takes five minutes turned into two hours as we discussed her love for photography and what she & Dwayne expected from their wedding photographer. At the end of the call we were booked for their wedding.

We had our work cut out for us. This creative and unique couple wanted awesome veil shots, pictures on a JUTC bus, pictures on the swings and trampoline at Struan Castle, and of course they wanted us to capture every moment of their beautiful wedding.

Rhona and Dwayne's wedding was an awesome conclusion to our 2014 wedding season.


Getting Dressed: Knutsford Court Hotel, Kingston Jamaica

Ceremony: UWI Chapel (Mona)

Reception: Struan Castle Gardens


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The Right One...(non-registered)
Congrad Bro...Love the pics.....Hats off to the photographer and team.....
Congrats guys u look awesome ...beautiful bride .big up uself me fren Dwayne all the best.
BLoooooooown Away!!!! Wish I could redo my wedding..........Great job.
Congrats Rhona & Dwayne
Beautiful pictures beautiful couple...
don't know you guys,but i am in aaaw just looking at your photos.the picture says it all.beautiful couple,interesting story line.love it,may God's richest blessing be with you always.bless!
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